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Adecco Praram 4 Recruitment Ltd.

Adecco Praram 4 Recruitment Ltd.

990 Abdulrahim Place, 10th Floor, Unit 1003, 12th Floor, Unit 1204, Rama IV Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

(66) 2636 1950


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For more information, Please contact
Khun Jutharat
Tel: 02-636-1950-2 Ext.11

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Salary: 15,000-17,000

Job Responsibilities

  • To provide and to support HR department in general administrative work

Job Qualifications

  • New grad's welcomed
  • Able to communicate in English


Salary: 15,000-18,000

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide full range of verbal translation services, including simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation 

Job Qualifications

  • New grad's welcomed
  • Excellent command of English (TOEIC 850 up or IELTS 6)
  • Independent, flexible, fast-learning

Receptionist & Admin

Salary: 30,000-50,000

Job Responsibilities

  • Greet & register for external visitors /Telenor Employees
  • Provide visitor card / access card
  • Manage office telephone call
  • Maintain tidy and cleanness of reception counter and lobby area
  • Look after office flower, newspaper and drink corner (tea, coffee etc.)
  • Facilitate E-parking stamp
  • Manage Lost and found items
  • Receive income & outgo documents / invoices from & to outsource company
  • Manage & order office stationary supply
  • Manage & organize driver’s paper work such as time sheet, filing etc
  • Post and arrange courier services (pick up call, document, packaging)
  • Look after all meeting room (check availability, manage & facilitate meeting room utilities, food & snack)

Job Qualifications

•    Bachelor's degree in any field
•    3-5 years experience as Receptionist and Administrator
•    Fluent command of English